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ALERT!  Television commercials are currently running, paid for by developer Travis Hutson, that falsely claim Chuck "raised taxes 40%." Chuck does not impose taxes.  He is responsible for assessments on his CDD board. His CDD's assessment did not increase at all in 2022. Last year, the assessment  increased 3% due to  increased maintenance costs. It did not increase since 2018, aside from last year.   Chuck's opponent, Arnold, has deep ties to Hutson, and her first official act was to approve his 5600-home development.  That's why he's funding an attack mailer on Chuck.

Say YES to fighting overdevelopment. But I can't do it without your vote on August 23rd.  Please share this website with friends and family in our county.

I’m a former Marine and disabled veteran who was awarded the National Defense Service medal, the Vietnam Campaign medal, and four other commendations after serving our country in active combat.  I also worked for Navy intelligence and handled classified material at the Pentagon. Now my goal is to protect the quality of life we cherish here in St. Johns County, as we watch development exploding countywide.

My opponent was appointed with no county experience.

I’m the only candidate for District 2 who was elected to a county office (which I currently hold and have for 8 years - CDD Board*). My opponent, Commissioner Sarah Arnold has deep ties to one of Florida’s largest developers. She voted FOR The Hutson Company’s 5600-home development despite overwhelming opposition.  In her first five months, she approved 17 of 18 new developments, voting to put more acres under the bulldozer than any other commissioner. We need a commissioner that is not a puppet of developers. As your District 2 County Commissioner, I will have an open-door policy, listen to your concerns, and my constituents will always come first.

I think you’ll agree, I’m the most qualified candidate for

District 2 Commissioner.

Ms. Arnold describes being a County Commisioner as "like drinking water from a fire hose.”  In contrast, I'm already managing budgets and property on the 959-home Turnbull Creek CDD Board; I currently serve on the Murabella Architectural Review Board and its HOA Board – in my eighth year on all three boards. And I will be ready on day one to deal with what this county is facing. I’m a fiscally conservative Republican who wants to advocate for you – on a county level – after doing a similar job in a large community. As County Commissioner, this will be my only commitment.


I am honored to have graduated from the Citizen Law Enforcement Academy (CLEA) and I currently volunteer for the Sheriff’s Office. Law Enforcement runs deep in the Labanowski family, and I’m a proud dad of a Deputy Sheriff.

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Some of the most pressing issues in our county:

Stop the rapid growth that is affecting St Johns County.  Over the years there have been way too many housing units approved without allowing the infrastructure time to catch up. Traffic, overcrowded schools and inadequate beach parking are the result of explosive development. 

Slow down the approval of new PUDs (Planned Unit Developments) until all current and approved developments are complete.  When there are approvals, let’s make the infrastructure come first – before the development. What’s more, developers are receiving far too many credits. These credits are just one of the reasons that the infrastructure is deficient. Developers need to pay maximum impact fees and not receive credits.

Oppose the sales tax increase that will be on the ballot in November. I’m also against any possible millage rate increase. We do not need to burden families anymore that are facing the ever-rising cost of living like gas and food costs. Our commissioners are now asking us to pay what developers should have paid when their projects were approved.  

Maintain our most important natural asset: our beaches.  Maintenance and renourishment of our beautiful beaches is not just a quality of life issue. Our property values and our tourism industry all revolve around our 42 miles of coastline. We need to keep St. Johns County competitive with neighboring coastal communities, and always maintain our beaches. 

Let’s keep our farmers farming. The shrinking of our very important farmland is adding to our dependency on other countries. We need to protect our farmland and NOT pave it over. We need to support and help our local farmers sustain their business for the betterment of St Johns County and the state of Florida.

Protect our water supply. This can be accomplished by preserving more green space and reducing clear cutting. Let’s learn the fresh water status of the aquifer before we have intrusion of salt water, and take appropriate measures. Salt water intrusion is already happening in nearby coastal communities. 

Help Veterans.  Being a partially disabled Veteran myself, I want to make sure our Veterans are not forgotten. It’s time to protect the Veterans who protected us. I would like to see support for the Mission 22 program. 

Vote in the August 23rd Republican primary!

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Chuck is up against big developer dollars.
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Chuck with three of his 6 grandchildren who live locally. He retired in 2012 as a Business Manager for Advantage Sales and is now devoted to serving his community. Chuck grew up the oldest of 9 children.

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Chuck and his wife  of 18  years, Carol. When not working hard for his community, Chuck enjoys fishing, going to the beach and camping with family and friends.

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Chuck is a proud member of the VFW, the American Legion and the Knights of Columbus.  He and Carol attend Our Lady of Good Council Church.

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“Semper Fi”   Always Faithful.

Motto of the United States Marine Corps – symbolizes my lifelong commitment to the Corps and America.

Chuck served in the Marine Corps from

November 1, 1966 to November 1, 1969

and received the following:

National Defense Service Medal

Vietnam Campaign Medal

Vietnam Service Medal

Letter of Appreciation

Certificate of Commendation

Good Conduct Medal

* CDD is a Community Development District  -  a local unit of special purpose government created under Florida law, has constructed and is responsible for the maintenance of certain improvements, infrastructure and facilities within the District.

Paid for by Charles “Chuck” Labanowski, Republican candidate for St. Johns County Commissioner, District 2


Use of military rank, job titles and photographs in uniform do not imply endorsement by the Department of the Navy, the Department of Defense or Law Enforcement.


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